A Long Way From Home

A Long Way From Home is a collaboration telling the real life story of learning disabled artist Paul Wilshaw. Applying fictionalisation and an at-times surreal lens, Paul tells his story at arms length – and dives headfirst into his dreams of finding his real father, finding happiness in a relationship - and Tottenham Hotspur winning the Champions League.



As his hopes and dreams become more and more grandiose and surreal, reality catches up. His story comes crashing down around him and he finds himself lost in depression – alone and scared. The piece explores Paul’s thoughts on how mental health and learning disability are fundamentally separate but often treated as the same, how the NHS has failed him personally, and how, at the age of 32, he still doesn’t know who his real father was or is.

The piece has been through two R&D's - one as part of Arc Stockton's Cultural Shift programme, one as an ACE funded project. We are currently seeking funding for full development and a small tour.

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