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How to Be a Better Human is the debut solo show written and performed by Chris Singleton, Artistic Director of Brave Words. A fusion of spoken word, powerpoint comedy and autobiographical storytelling, it tells Chris' story of losing two of the biggest relationships in his life - his father and his wife - within the space of a few months.

The show aims to open accessible conversations about grief, loss and mental health and how they help us become better humans; better at empathizing, connecting and understanding.


HTBABH was scratched in Autumn 2019 through Leeds Playhouse, NHS and Theatre in the Mill. Funded by Arts Council England, it is currently in full development ahead of a pilot tour at venues in Leeds and the surrounding area in Spring 2021.


Telling the true stories of  'Yorkshire Witch' and con artist Mary Bateman, as well as drunk policemen, useless murderers, chariots pulled by cats and the young offenders of 1893, 'Mutton' is a dark ensemble comedy that examines the feeling of pride we get when we hear about misdoings, and what it means to be from 'Dirty Leeds'

'Mutton' is in early stages of development, originally conceived through a residency with Leeds Playhouse and Leeds Libraries in Summer 2019 and further developed through Freedom Studios' "Introduction to Playwriting".


Resilience is Brave Words' first piece for children and young people, made with children and young people.


In the future, the planet has been ruined by climate change. The human race enter giant machines that place them in "Dreamworld" - hoping that when they wake up, Earth will have healed itself...But a malfunction means the children and young people wake up too soon...

An interactive piece of game theatre in development for schools and colleges in 2021.

A Long Way From Home

'A Long Way From Home' is  a collaborative piece of spoken word theatre telling the real life story of learning disabled artist Paul Wilshaw.


Applying fictionalisation and a surreal lens, Paul tells his story at arms-length through the characters of John and Honey – but falls headfirst into his personal fantasies and the boundaries between fact and fiction become blurred.

What happens if his father doesn't want to know him? How will he ever have a functioning relationship? And what does it all have to do with fish and chips or Tottenham Hotspur?

A Long Way From Home has been through 2 x R&D periods and is currently on hold while lead artist Paul works elsewhere.